Update: May 8, 2020

Dear PEBB Community:

Lately, the world seems to be changing at record-breaking speeds. News flows in steadily, headlines change from one moment to the next and COVID-19 restrictions remain in some places, while being lifted in others. Therefore, I must spend my days attending to the special demands of this moment while also executing on the very important work that has been the cornerstone of PEBB Enterprises for three generations. I imagine this balancing between our present unusual environment and normal operations is true for many of you as well.

The health and safety of employees, tenants, and all other stakeholders remains paramount at PEBB. With this in mind, we are developing our approach to properties operating safely in this new COVID-19 landscape. Since the data and resources on best practices continue to change rapidly, PEBB will continue to adjust and evolve rapidly in turn. This strategy isn’t new for us. PEBB has a long history of innovation, and we will adapt to achieve the best possible outcome.

Now more than ever, it is critical that PEBB acts on its “putting people first” philosophy. Thus, I continue to consider how PEBB can best serve our community and contribute. I suspect I am not alone in this and trust that we all are contemplating how to do the right thing.

If we can be of assistance to you, please reach out to us at askPEBB@pebbent.com.

Thank you for your continued efforts.

Sincerely, Ian Weiner and the PEBB Enterprises Family

Update: April 17, 2020

Dear PEBB Community:

This surely has been a difficult period for all of us. The struggles we face vary, yet we continue to dig deep day after day. In this way, we will get through this crisis together.

I continue to consider an article I read recently. When New Jersey officials appealed to out-of-state medical professionals for assistance, 200 out-of-state paramedics showed up. People left their homes in places as far away as California to come to the aid of strangers. Such a strong showing of putting people first amazed me.

At PEBB we continue to work diligently for all of our stakeholders. As always we remain focused on normal daily business operations, but now the PEBB family also is finding ways to help shepherd our business community, Partners, Tenants, Lenders, Brokers and Vendors a like, through the COVID-19 business disruption. To that end, we are taking measures such as regularly monitoring federal and state legislation, identifying resources and information, and counseling, comforting, and strategizing both internally and externally. While COVID-19 has changed the scope of our services, our philosophy of putting people first has not. If we can be of assistance to you, please reach out to us at askPEBB@pebbent.com

Thank you for your continued efforts.

Sincerely, Ian Weiner and the PEBB Enterprises Family

Update: March 23rd, 2020

To our PEBB Enterprises Community – our Partners, Tenants, Lenders, Brokers, Vendors, and other stakeholders:

At this uncertain time in our collective history, we would like to be able to provide answers to your many questions. We recognize that people are scared, businesses are suffering and our prospects, at least for the foreseeable future, are uncertain. At times such as these, I do know one thing for certain. Leaders must lead. It is in this capacity that I reach out to you.

From its inception, PEBB Enterprises has been a “family” business. Our mission has always been to achieve something greater than profits and properties. At our core, we are about people. Prioritizing people has been our philosophy and has been continually implemented through service to our communities from the early 1970’s until the present.

PEBB Enterprises will continue to honor this tradition by taking our responsibilities to the people we serve seriously and we remain equipped to do so. Our decades long track record demonstrates our strength. We have a strategy for meeting the urgent needs of this moment and we continue to evolve as new information becomes available. Daily we identify and implement specific actions to support you, our stakeholders, and help you move ahead. We recognize we are not alone in this and know that our federal and state officials are also assessing needs and implementing options for relief. We are monitoring the government’s progress closely as it informs our approach and we will share what we learn with our community accordingly.

Throughout the chaos of the past weeks, I have been overwhelmed by all the good I have witnessed. I am encouraged and uplifted by so many people coming together to do their best to help others and to contribute to our health, well-being, and comfort. I think of the healthcare workers attending to our physical needs, the teachers boosting our children’s minds and spirits, workers logging on remotely to keep business running, and all of the delivery personnel and retail workers who continue to go out into the world to serve us day after day. I thank you for your generosity, selflessness, and bravery. As a way to show our gratitude, the PEBB family is making a donation to Feeding South Florida, an established food bank that is now heavily involved in feeding families during the COVID-19 crisis.

I have long believed that we are only as good as our word. I promise you this, the PEBB Enterprises team is here to listen, research, and do our best to provide aid. Reach out to us at askPEBB@pebbent.com. We are up and running and doing what we have always done best – putting people first.

Thank you for your continued efforts.


Ian Weiner and the PEBB Enterprises Family


March 18th, 2020

The PEBB Enterprises Team is committed to the well-being of our employees, clients, and other stakeholders. Through these uncertain times, we are open and working remotely to provide support and exceptional service to our clients. We thank all those in our communities who are doing their part to keep us all safe and healthy. Please reach out to us if we can be of service at askPEBB@pebbent.com, or by calling 1-561-613-4020. We are here to do our best to address your concerns. We will work together to get through this and look forward to a time when we can see you soon.