Chuck Luedemann, Senior Development Manager

Chuck serves as Senior Development Manager at PEBB. He is responsible for supporting the Chief Development Officer in the due diligence, financial analysis and execution of project objectives. Chuck brings over 17 years of experience to the firm, previously working as Senior Development Manager for Stiles.

Chuck received his bachelor’s degree in Corporate Communications from The University of Texas at Austin, with a minor in Business Foundation.

Adam Levitt, Acquisitions Associate

Adam serves as Acquisitions Associate at PEBB. He is responsible for analyzing and underwriting commercial properties, assisting with financial analysis and property due diligence, and helping the firm understand the risk and opportunity of final acquisition candidate properties. Before joining PEBB, Adam served as Senior Associate for Time Equities, Inc.

Adam received his bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Miami School of Business, with a focus on Real Estate.

JoAnn Kowalkowski, Tenant Coordinator

JoAnn Serves as a Tenant Coordinator at PEBB. She is responsible for coordinating all tenant construction activity on current projects. This includes supporting and assisting tenants with construction drawings, permitting, utility connections and signage to ensure each business opens on time.

JoAnn graduated from the Detroit College of Business. She is also a Certified Property Manager and is a licensed Real Estate Agent in Florida.