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PEBB Enterprises’ entrepreneurial spirit traces its roots back to 1973, when the family-owned company was founded in South Florida. A full-service private equity real estate investment company, we have continued to operate as a family-owned business for over four decades and take enormous pride in our team of forward thinking associates and entrepreneurial minds who continue to push and expand the company’s growth on a daily basis.

PEBB’s driving force is the acquisition and development of high-quality neighborhood, regional and power shopping centers and suburban office buildings. Our diverse collection of tenants enjoy a mutual success while reflecting a balance of local, regional and national retailers.  Our shopping destinations are a testament to the kind of business relationships and synergy PEBB strives to foster.

As any company, we are acutely aware of the competitive nature of our environment and we draw on our more than four decades of unique experience to see a project through from conception to completion to final disposition. Our projects offer more than a foot in the door, providing companies the opportunity to start and grow in strategic locations within and affording tenants a prime position for success from the outset.

PEBB’s success has been advanced by tangibles and intangibles alike. An entrepreneurial spirit combined with a proven growth plan have fueled our drive to seek opportunities where our efforts and expertise can improve the fabric of communities and add overall value.