Build With Balance

We’re a family-owned business, which means we tend to put a little extra pride and accountability in what we do since our reputation is on the line. But it also means that we understand and appreciate the value of a healthy work/life balance. 

Making time for ourselves and the ones we love is as important to being successful as putting in the hard work at the office. This is interwoven in our culture and something we take to heart. We understand that growing a great company means making sure our people have time to enjoy great lives, too. 

Build Teamwork

We view our team at PEBB as an extended family and provide opportunities to grow together, from team-building activities to off-site events. Teamwork fuels our growth. 

Build Respect

Mutual respect is a cornerstone of PEBB Enterprises. By embracing the unique skills of each team member and pooling our collective talent, we can identify and capitalize on opportunities. 

Build Community

We are in a fortunate position to be able to give back to the communities served by our development projects. Individually, our team members serve numerous causes through volunteer efforts served by a company-wide philanthropic program. 

We take pride in our active involvement in various business organizations that bring local leaders together in an effort to become better stewards of the families and communities we serve.